Who we are

Shankar Foundation  registered under societies act with a commitment and passion to empower the children and adults with special needs. Working alongside  highly expertise professionals and visionary parents we endeavor to meet the individual needs to unfold their potential. The organization gradually grew in size as more parents recognized the sincere efforts of the team. Today Shankar Foundation is an answer for more than 300 parent’s concerns with a range of special needs. The foundation caters therapeutic, educational, vocational, employment, life skills and geriatric services from 3 years to till old age. 


Shankar Foundation believes that sustainable community development can be obtained by involving all the stakeholder of the community especially empowered persons with disabilities. By embracing the values of “Society for All”, we pledge to do everything within our power to help those who cannot help themselves.


  • To give children with special needs belief in their own self worth.

  • To support the individual academic and personal needs of students with special needs in both special and mainstream school settings.

  • To provide students with a full, relevant and enriching curriculum, including the requirements of the National open School Curriculum.

  • To develop each student’s ability to live and work in harmony with others.

  • To provide students with appropriate experiences of the world in preparation for adult life and independent living.

  • To provide access to a wide range of leisure and work-related experiences.

  • To provide access to suitable qualifications and training to maximize their future employment.

  • To support students in making the transition from school.

  • To prepare each student to be a life-long learner.

  • To process the concept of inclusion wherever practical.

  • To develop the skill and expertise of parents to support students at home.

  • To provide systems and materials to support students.

  • To conduct training programs to enhance the manpower in the field of rehabilitation.

  • To develop research programs in related fields.


1. Societies Registration act

2. PWD act

3. National Trust

4. Rehabilitation Council of India

5. Income tax act 12 A and 80 G


Project Associate with Rajiv Vidya Mission for developing curriculum in Telugu language and to train regular teachers to deal with special needs.

Nodal Agency of Special Olympics Bharat Hyd-district for conducting sports and enhance the sport facilities and abilities

Project Associate with Astacus, Sweden for developing curriculum based applications and interactive home schooling program.

Project Associate with Chapel road School, Norfolk, U.K for mail exchange program between children with special needs of both countries.