Empowering employment



Samardh- Saakaar Center for Empowering Empoyment is sparked as an icon for pioneering activity based training while providing plethora of services in innovative non traditional way. Major aim of the center is to assess the needs of the adult, assist them in finding the right kind of vocation, prepare them for particular area, make them enter into work and help them to progress in mainstream.

Students ranging from 18 years to 30 years age level participating in pre-vocational, vocational and hands on-the-training. Each activity has different skills according to the user requirement making it to qualitative and quantitative for best practicing towards effectiveness.

This appropriate school-based training program includes, functional reading, writing, math, general clerical skills, computer training in data entry skills, office skills, assembly work, cold press oil making, flour making, book making, xerox, lamination, food preparation, tailoring and embroidery. These training programs offer students a chance to participate in various trades or occupations right at the school. Designing and making real products gives students a sense of achievement and improve their self-esteem. They benefit from seeing their own progress and taking greater responsibility for their own learning as they begin to evaluate the quality of their work which often improves their attention span, persistence and commitment.

Many parents play a vital role in creating employment opportunities for all people in the center by setting up profit oriented business models. The initiative of parents is very encouraging in strengthening the abilities in meaningful way.

Using information technology and methodologies we train adults with intellectual challenges in data entry operations. The very unique project economically empowering many and instilling self confidence in themselves as well as in the families. It is a new world of possibilities and self sustainability.